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Steyr 2000A Stromerzeuger-elektrisch Wagen für V-2

Kit #: T-7253 Preview by José María Teja - m_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com

This special version of the Steyr 2000 was used as a power source for the V-2 rocket, carrying internally an electrical generator for that purpose.

Though not bad kit in terms of details, it suffers the same problems found on many other TP models: soft molding and the presence of some bubbles and blisters. Additionally the instructions are not really useful since they only show a couple of drawings of the vehicle. Anyway it doesnít seem to matter much since the kit is not that complex, though itís clear that some pieces wonít be used as they belong to other versions of this truck produced by this company.

A small set of generic decals is also included with three pairs of license plate numbers and a railroad transport label for the vehicle.

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Article Last Updated: 03 January 2010