76.2mm Zis-3 AT Guns

Manufacturers: LEVA Productions (Kit #72 A 03) & Skif (#208)

Comparative preview by Stephen Brezinski.

The kits, though supposedly the same scale differ a bit. The LEVA gun has a thicker gun barrel and larger shield though slightly smaller wheels than the Skif kit. Both guns are well detailed. Comparing to photographs I think the LEVA kit is a bit more accurate in scale. Though I have not built the LEVA 76.2-mm gun I have built LEVA's similar M43 57-mm AT gun (kit #72-A-13) and the resin parts clean up and fit together well. Skif also produces a 57-mm M43 AT gun version of their kit. Basically the only significant difference between the 76.2-mm field gun and the 57-mm AT gun is the gun barrels. Both weapons served in the Red Army and its allies well past the end of WW2.

Skif's instructions are very clear while LEVA's originally came without instructions when I purchased mine several years ago. When assembling the LEVA M43 I made up my own instructions and include them with this brief review. Skif's box art is very nice. LEVA products come in a small ziploc bag with a cardboard stiffener. Skif comes with ammunition though at this time LEVA does not market ammunition for LEVA's Soviet guns (though producing ammunition for the Pak 40, 105-mm howitzer and 88-mm Pak 43, etc.)

LEVA's instructions:

Skif's instructions:

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