Scibor Monsterous Miniatures

Polish Officers 1939
Set #1 & Set #2

Kit #: 72HM0008 & 72HM0018 Preview by Dave Showell - dnshowell1(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

Recently I came across two sets of Scibor resin figures that I couldn't resist. These are the first products I have purchased from this company and I am very impressed.

Each set has three figures, cast in light grey resin. There are some mould seams, flash and odd little disks of resin (part of their casting technique) that have to be cleaned up, but nothing major. There are no bubbles or other casting issues in my examples.

Set #1 (72HM0008)

Figure 1 seems to be a cavalry officer. He wears riding boots and breeches with reinforcement on the inner pant legs and sports the French Adrian helmet which were still commonly used by the Polish Army in 1939. He is holding binoculars close to his body.

Figure 2 is a tank officer, wearing the tanker version of the Adrian helmet. He has a medium length leather coat, and has his hands clasped behind his back.

Figure 3 wears a full overcoat and the hardened version of the traditional Rogatywka peaked cap (sometimes called a czapka, but that is a generic terms for all caps). This figure has his hands buried in his pockets.

Set #2 (72HM0018)

Figure 1 wears a full overcoat and the Helm wz. 31 which was issued from 1933 onwards. While offering good protection, the wz. 31 was found to be quite heavy, so it never quite replaced the French Adrian and German Stahlhelm helmets that Poland inherited at the end of World War One.

Figure 2 also wears an overcoat, and has the Adrian helmet. He hold a very finely cast map or other document in his hands.

Figure 3 wears the medium length leather coat and the Stahlhelm mentioned above. According to Wikipedia, Polish armoured troops wore the ex-German helmet, so the coat/head gear combination works.

These are really great figures, the detail of their clothing, faces and equipment is excellent, and the poses, while not very active, are natural and relaxed.

I would however note one thing. They seem to be just a bit large for 1:72nd scale. They are not grossly out of scale by any means, but they are bigger than most figures I have. I have included a resin figure from Mig (which are in my view, at the top end in terms of size) for comparison in the above photo to show what I mean. I chose this figure because it was also wearing bulky winter gear, but you can still see the difference. As a result, I don't think it would work to mix these figures in with ones from other manufacturers.

This is a really great set. For the most part, they could be used, I think, for the period prior to 1939, such as the Russo-Polish war. Since Scibor also produces resin upgrade sets for several First to Fight kits, I will probably pick up some more of their products.

Addendum provied by Zbigniew Perski (01/April/2018): These figures are strictly a 1939 set, though they can also be used to depict Polish soldiers from 1936 to 1939. For the 1920 Polish-Soviet War they are not appropriate. At that time WW1 equipment and uniforms were still in use.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 03 March 2018
Article Last Updated: 01 April 2018