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German Einheitsanhänger - 3 to.

Kit #: 72003 Preview by Jose Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com>
Edited by Al Magnus

This model combines some plastic parts from the Schatton's own DB L4500 truck with 4 resin pieces to adapt those as a trailer.

The plastic pieces are the cargo bed sprue (cut into 5 parts to fit the sturdy small box in which the kit comes), a wheel sprue and a couple of axles, these latter came as loose pieces. The moulding is pretty sharp, though there's a lot of small ejector pin marks, mostly on the side walls, that will need some putty to fill them.

The resin parts are a tow bar, a ring and a couple of suspension frames. These lack sharpness, have popped bubbles and flash, thus some cleaning and filling will be mandatory.

Finally, the "instructions" are messy set of 3 pieces of paper, one with an exploding view of the bed construction, the other, a pictorial type of the suspension arrangement and, the last, a blurry picture taken from reference [1] below to serve as a reference (?!).

Following the clue found on that page, the trailer in question is the Einheitsanhänger E 3 3t, offen (o) which means standard trailer E 3, 3 tons, open (commercial). Comparing the pictures on that site with what you get in the box, it is obvious that the model doesn't resemble that vehicle (assuming that's what it's supposed to represent) because it differs on everything, other than it being 4 wheeled open trailer.

There are no decals included.


This kit seems like a thrown together mix of pieces to make a generic trailer, or maybe it could pass as a field workshop's makeshift, improvised vehicle.


[1] kfzderwehrmacht

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 05 August 2023