M151A2 Utility Truck

Kit #: PS720152 Preview by Will Allcott - will_alcott(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

S-Model have released both the M151A1 (kit 720151) and M151A2 (kit 720152). Box art is nearly identical for both, and from what I can tell, they are both from the same mould. However, the M151A2 kit has the M151A1 hood removed from the sprue (part 29), so you can only build an A2 from this kit. Technically, the rear suspension represents the A2 configuration, so I believe it is incorrect for the A1 kit.

The box includes 2 kits, each containing 38 crisply moulded green plastic parts, and a small PE fret. Optional parts include an extended deep wading intake and muffler, and a choice of an M2 50-cal or M60 7.62 mm machine gun for the pintle mount. Note that the 50-cal was rarely carried, as the heavy recoil tended to crack the mountings. While the M151A1 hood is not provided, the M151A1 grill (with blackout driving lights) is provided as part 13.

The PE parts are of questionable value. They include the shift levers, frames for seats, rear view mirrors, and spade grips for the 50-cal. All of these are tubular parts in reality, and the PE representations seem to flat for me. Also provided is a guard for the fender-mounted blackout driving light, which is the correct shape, but should have been etched as a flat strip to be bent into shape. Finally, PE part 4, not mentioned in the instructions, is a brace for the machine gun pintle mount.

A miniscule decal sheet is included, providing only two sizes of white stars (small and tiny). No serial numbers or unit codes are provided.

I checked out basic measurements of wheelbase, length, width and tire size, and all are within a hair of being spot on 1/72. An improvement over the M113 and M551 kits is that the nicely detailed 50-cal is also the correct size. The only dimensional problem I noticed was that the ammo can for the M60 is ridiculously tiny, looking more suitable for 9 mm pistol ammo than 7.62 mm rounds.

Out of the box, I think this will give a nice looking MUTT. For those looking to make a few improvements, I noted the following:

  • the exhaust pipe ends just inside the right rear wheel well. It should extend beyond the rear of the body
  • there should be a cross-member on the underside of the body just behind the front wheel wells
  • the suspension is simplified, but probably good enough for the scale
  • the fender-mounted turn signals are poorly shaped
  • the bumperettes are incorrectly shaped
  • the contours of the wheel hubs aren't perfect
  • the T-shaped hood latches are missing
  • the grill slots are not moulded open, but are probable deep enough
  • the headlights are moulded solid, and could stand to be replaced with MV lenses or similar

I'm really excited to have a reasonably priced, detailed injection kit of the MUTT, and I've already got plans for a couple of these. Great job S-Model!

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Article Last Updated: 26 September 2014