Wiesel 1 MK20

Kit #: PS720116 Preview by Peter van Kempen - P.Kempen5(at)chello(dot)nl)
Edited by Francesco Giovagnorio
Surfing on the net, I stumbled onto this unexpected new S-model kit release.

This uncommon , small modern German light airborne tank was not announced and a pleasant surprise in Braille scale. I immediately ordered it from a Czech shop that promised ex stock delivery for most S-model kits. Pictures on the site had my interest: the moulded track teeth seemed flat, individually represented by mould joining halfway the wheels, doing away with the ribs that are commonly seen in earlier quickbuild models. Apart from that , I just wanted to add to my collection such a rare vehicle. S-model's tradition for two-per-box allows us making a second version with a TOW on it as pictured on the net.

The kit is packed in the usual S-model box layout. Box top shows a side-view picture of a "wiesel", and opens from the side. It holds two sprues , each contains 32 parts in semi-hard polystyrene , representing one vehicle each. 32 Parts for one quick-build model, more than compared to First to Fight , or Armourfast Kits . Decidedly more than the earlier S-model. There is more: A fret with some etched parts, among them tools for both vehicles are also included. A small decal sheet is also provided : modern German army crosses, UN letterings, and the german flag, all sized to suit the petite vehicle. Note there is another Wiesel type in use, which has one road wheel extra. This "weasel" is the smallest one issued to the federal german forces and is most widely used by German airborne formations.

The box reverse side shows the positioning of the decals and suggested paint colours and patterns with a description. This is repeated on a packed seperate sheet of colour printed paper. For you to decide the paint, because if the chinese text characters specify brand or paint other than the english text is not open for my understanding.

When you look at the sprues, and number of parts it shows S-Model is developing into a supplier of display models. The parts are without fault and have abundant and clear surface detail. These are up to Revell and Dragon standards, as both sides of sprue lay out show.

The gun, and design of mounting it , allows you to elevate it and the "turret" holding the gun can be rotated to simulate any position of use, suiting diorama or scenes in airlifting operations. A closer look at hull details and the single teeth in the well detailed track units show yet another surprise: Idler and running wheels are duplicated , you get loose doubles to add , as to have the flat moulded track teeth passing through them!

Scale dimensions: This vehicle is only 3,55 meters long and 1,82meters wide in real life, height is also 1,82 meters. This, in 1/72 scale, translates to 4,93 cms long, 2,527cms width and same height. I checked the model with dry fitted hull, bottom, and backpanel, which fitted together easy and without much adaption required. Lenght thus checked was 4,9cms , width 2,5cms, so close enough to true 1/72 scale for me! This modern vehicle, having the appearance of a british light tank of the early second World war years has served well in several peace keeping missions. It has a reputation for agility and reliability, and can well take refuge in the battlefield to strike with its machine cannon or TOW in support of airportable operations. For modern fighting vehicle collectors or modern wargames its a must have. The S model released was fully unexpected and the now reached quality of track design leaves nothing, but some outside detailing to be desired. I can recommend this one for all modellers, wargamers and show model buffs alike. The technology, detail and part design now used, bring S-model onto par with other display model manufacturers, and this model delivers excellent value for your modelling money. Highly recommended!

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 29 October 2014