Type 97 Light Armored Car (Chinese Army)

Kit #: PS720196 Preview by Tony Mackinder - tonymackinder1999(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus


Strangely referred to on the box as 'armoured car' my references say this is a Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke tankette which was a re-engined Type 94 tankette now up gunned with a 37mm gun only though machine gun only examples are known. References also say later versions had both the 37mm and a machine gun in turret.

What's in the box?

This is the usual S-Model quick build with simplified one piece tracks with two models in the box. You have the option of either a machine gun or a 37mm gun in the turret.

S-Model are now putting the instructions on the back of the box and the only painting guide is the front of the box, as no paint numbers are mentioned you will have to do some research!

Decals are limited to Communist China stars (as on box front) or Nationalist China stars. I know some Japanese vehicles were captured after the war and used by the Chinese Nationalist army and later by the Communist army, so I have no problem with that though whether they were repainted dark green as on the box front, I don't know. Sadly, no Japanese markings are included, in Japanese service I would expect a mix of green, brown and yellow ochre camouflage.


[1] Japanese Armour Vol.1 Tank Power 9, Andrzej Tomczyk (2002), AJ Press

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Article Last Updated: 22 November 2019