UE AMX Casemate (AMC31 MG)

Kit #: PA720141 Preview by Tony Mackinder - tonymackinder1999(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus


This is a version of the French Renault UE chenillette (tankette) with an additional casemate and machine gun, though I am a little baffled what an AMC31 MG is. (ed: possibly S-Model mean MAC 31 Riebel machine gun?). References say 1,500 AMX casemates similar to ten examples made for China in 1936 were ordered in June 1940 to arm the normal vehicle but it seems unlikely any entered French service. It is possible some were armed and later taken over by the Germans which could explain a vehicle in a museum in Trieste.

What's in the box?

This is the usual S-Model quick build with simplified one piece tracks with two models in the box and no decals. Be aware, the upper hull is different to the previously released versions, so you cannot build it as a normal UE. French UEs tend to be a grey green colour and should have a trailer, which I wish S-Model could have included.

S-Model are now putting the instructions on the back of the box and the only painting guide is the front of the box, as no paint numbers are mentioned you will have to do some research!


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Other references found by the editor that may be useful:
(Chinese UE)
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(German Beute UE)
[6] (if I remember correctly, photo is from AxisHistory.com - note what looks to be an MG34 in the casemate - Ed.)

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Article Last Updated: 27 November 2019