Panther Ausf. G Late Version

Kit # ??? (test-kit version) Preview by Henk Timmerman
Edited by
Rob Haelterman

Preliminary remark:
Kit number so far not known. The kit will soon be released.

Historical info: en.wikipedia.org

Classification: Quick build kit - 2 kits in a box.


The kit contains:
- A plastic bag with 2 identical sprues, with a size of 17 by 9.5cm
- Every sprue contains 16 parts for the vehicle.
- Decals (decals were not included in my preview sample).

PE frets might be included in the production kit.

The examples I have received did not have sinkholes or flash.
Ejector marks were on the inside of the parts (where they will be invisible after construction).
There is no misalignment of the parts.
The turret hatches can be open or closed. The hull hatches are closed.
No tools are found on either fender. (May be they will added to some in the final version of the kit.)
Wheel & track units are nice and sharply cast (both in and outside detailed)
The track and wheel units are cast as one part. The original Panther has 4 rows of wheels. The track parts of this model has alone the mid and outher wheels. They are without any spacing between the wheels. The inner wheels are missing.
(I will advise S-Model to make a wheel and track unit with the inner wheels included and the outer wheels as separate parts on the sprue. That will look much better and will bring the model on a higher level.)

The tracks are simplified and don’t have the correct track pattern.


Casting quality is high class. All parts are very sharp and highly detailed for a “Quick Build” kit.

Hull width: 46mm
Hull length: 90mm

Compared with the Dragon Panther G:
Hull width 47mm
Hull length 90mm

Instruction Manual:
An official instruction manual was not included in my preview example. – (see pictures)

The “Test” sprue is marked as Sprue “B”. (May be there will be another sprue with the final release.)
The test sprue is in yellow plastic and is very hard.
The assembly of the parts is very simple. Some parts need to be glued and some other parts you can simply press together, using a pin-and-hole system. The fit of the parts is extremely good.

Compared with the diecast Dragon Panther G.
Both models have the same size and height.
The commander's hatch on the turret has the correct number (7) of vision slots.
The shape of the front plate is the same as the Dragon kit.
The kit has the late exhaust pipes and a raised fan on the engine deck.

Weak points:
The kit (test sprue) misses the typical Panther tools.
The turret front is not correct. This is easy to correct (see picture).
The tracks don’t have correct pattern.
Wheel layout doesn’t have separate outer wheels.

Above: comparison with Armourfast Panther Ausf. G quick build kit (kit 99024 - grey sprues) and Italeri Panther Ausf. G quick-build kit (kit 7504 - light brown sprues).



For a “Quick Build” kit this model is high class and cast to a high standard.
It is to be recommended kit for many modelers. My compliments to S-Model.



My thanks to S-Model for the preview sample of this kit.

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Article Last Updated:
30 December 2012
12 January 2013