Nebelwerfer 42 (210mm)

Kit # ??? (test-kit version) Preview by Henk Timmerman
Edited by
Rob Haelterman

Preliminary remark:
Kitnumber so far not know; the kit will soon be released.

Historical info:

Classification: Quick build kit - 2 kits in a box.

The kit comes in a cardboard box (folded type).

The kit contains:
- A plastic bag with 2 identical sprues, with a size of 17 by 6,5 cm
- Each sprue contains 21 parts for the launcher.

PE frets and decals might be included in the production kit.

The examples I have received did not have sinkholes or flash.
Ejector marks were on the inside of the parts (where they will be invisible after construction).
There is no misalignment of the parts.

Casting quality is high class; all parts are very sharp and highly detailed for a “Quick Build” kit.


Instruction Manual:
An official instruction manual was not included in my preview example.

For a “Quick Build” kit this model is high class and cast to a high standard.
It is to be recommended kit for many modelers. My compliments to S-Model.

My thanks to S-Model for the preview sample of this kit.

6 barrel 15cm Nebelwerfer 41

5 barrel 21cm Nebelwerfer 42
A note on the accurracy of the prototype kit by Al Magnus

This kit is a 5 barrel Nebelwerfer 42 which uses a completely different rocket than the 6 barrel Nebelwerfer 41. S-Model has molded the tubes with the rockets already loaded at the rear and it appears that they have incorrectly used the rockets of the 15cm launcher. The rounded cylindrical projections at the bottom of the tubes look like the rear end of the 15cm rocket whereas a 21cm rocket would sit flush with the rear end of the tube (see sprue detail below). Not having a view of the business end of the tube I have no idea if the tip of the rocket is that of the 21cm or the 15cm projectile.

Hopefully S-Model will address this fault before issuing the final version of the kit. If not, then the modeller will need to remove the projections and either hollow out the full length of the tube or try to fashion a passable replica for the rear end of the 21cm rockets inside the tube.

15cm rocket

21cm rocket

rear end of tubes

completely flat rear end of tubes

front end showing the hollow opening
A note on the accurracy of the production release kit by Al Magnus

Pictures of the production sprue show that S-Model have partially addressed the faults found in the prototype kit. The rear end rocket tubes have had the incorrect 15cm rocket ends removed, but there is no detail of any sort here, leaving the rear end of the tubes totally flat. The sprue now has a set of three 21cm rockets which is a nice addition.
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Article Last Updated: 30 March 2013