PzKpfw 38 H735(f)
Hotchkiss H38

Kit # 72009 Preview by Henk Timmerman
Edited by
Rob Haelterman

Classification: Quick build kit - 2 kits in a box.

The kit comes in a cardboard box (folded type) with a size of 20,5 x 11,5 x 4 cm.

The kit contains:
- A plastic bag with 2 identical sprues, with a size of 17 by 11 cm; every sprue contains 17 parts for the vehicle.
- Instruction manual.
- Decal sheet for different versions.
- 2 Small PE frets.

The examples I have received did not have sinkholes or flash.
Ejector marks were on the inside of the parts (where they will be invisible after construction).
There is no misalignment of the parts.
The turret hatches can be open or closed.
Tools are finely moulded on both fenders.
Wheel & track units are nice and sharply cast (in- and outside detailed).
On the sprue there are 2 different guns for different variants.
There are some plastic and PE tools included.
The PE fret contains tools, mirrors and tow hooks.

Casting quality is high; all parts are very sharp and highly detailed for a “Quick Build” kit.


Hull width: 26mm.
Hull length: 53mm (not counting the fenders)

Instruction Manual:
The instruction manual is excellent with instructions for the places of the markings and painting colours.


For a “Quick Build” kit this model is high class and casted to a high standard.
It is to be recommended for many modelers. My compliments to S-Model.

My thanks to S-Model for the preview sample of this kit.

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Article Last Updated: 16 February 2013