S-Model Pz.Kpfw. Mk.I 202(e) Scout Car

Kit # PS720053 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This is the second variant of the Dingo that S-Model has released to date. As the kit is very similar to the previous (British) version, of which Al Magnus has written a detailed construction review, I will only highlight the differences between the two kits.

The main sprues are the same. The Bren Gun will go straight to the spares box.

The small gray sprue is only present in this Beute-version, while the small green sprue can also be found in the British version. Note that you will only need the MGs from the gray sprue and the shovel from the green sprue. (You might have noticed that the shovel, part T4, is misidentified on the instruction leaflet as part B4.) This will leave you with two spare MP40s, Lee Enfields, British helmets and some non-identified parts. The small green sprue is actually from the Vickers Light Tank MkVIB kit (kit 720019), but was not included in the pre-production kit.

While the British version had PE for the roof support (not needed for the Mk.I represented here), some fixtures on the fenders and a bipod for the Bren, we now get 4 folded and 4 deployed bipods for the MG34, which means 6 will go to the spares box.

The manual is only half the size of that in the British kit as there is only one marking option (given on the back of the box), even though we get 4 types of crosses, so the modeler can vary a bit, if it weren't that...

...the decals seem to be out of register, and are thus pretty useless. This means that the only really useful parts of this boxing are the MG34s (and spare MP40s). If you have a spare MG34, you might as well start from the British boxing (as Al Magnus did).

PS: Pictures of the vehicle in German use can be found on Beutepanzer.ru (here, here, here and here). Note that some of the vehicles shown are actually Mk.II. Also note that the name S-Model gave to this model is not quite right as it was called a Panzerspähwagen Mk I 202(e) in German use, definitely not a PzKpfw.


Review sample kindly purchased by author.

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27 July 2014
06 October 2018

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