Kit # PS720050 Preview by Mark P. Johnson - mark(dot)p(dot)johnson60(at)gmail(dot).com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Note: there are two models inside of the box.


  • Plastic: 57 in olive plastic.
  • Photo Etch: 24. Basket parts, handles, and lift rings.
  • Decals: One option: wavy sand, light green and dark green. Two Chinese stars and two sets of 0-9.

The molding is good. The molded screen on the engine deck is very fine and almost disappears on the deck, but should take a wash well. The running gear is composed of the inner wheels with the upper track suspended by runners and the outside wheels with the lower track. The parts around the idler and drive wheels must be added to complete the run. On Part B54 there is a small ejector mark in between the track pads but it should be covered by the fenders. The track is of the rubber block type. The outside drive sprocket has the relief holes filled in, but the inside one is correct. All of the parts look to be in scale and the turret machine gun is very petite. The turret hatches can be open or closed and have detail on the inside but there is neither interior nor figures to place into the open hatch. The driver's hatch is molded closed. The gun barrel has an open muzzle and looks good, while the lower hull has great detail on the front, both probably indicating the use of slide mold technology.

Instructions are clear and appear to build in a logical manner. The model should build into a good representative of the ZTZ-99A.



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Article Last Updated: 28 November 2016

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