DAK Kubelwagen Type 82

Kit #: PS720083 Preview by - Rob Haelterman


Picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.


As we already have a detailed construction review by Gert Ten Brink, the only thing we can add and that might be useful to the modeler is a scan of the parts and manual. Note that there are two identical kits in a box.

Pictures from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.


Sadly, decals are not provided. The minimum markings for a Kübelwagen would have been a licence plate on the nose and one at the back.

The wheels in this kit represent a very common type of wheel for Kübelwagens in the North African theatre of operations. Indeed, the majority of Kübels seen in the desert sand were equipped with these high flotation tyres, which were unavailable to Braille scale modelers until this release and the very recently released sets by MK72 and o3D.

It is difficult to measure tyre diameters as tyre profile, wear and inflation all had an impact. Therefore I measured the wheel rim.
Kübelwagen rims were 16" (40.64cm) diameter, or 5.64mm in 1/72.

  • MK72 wheels scale out exactly at 5.64mm. Tyre diameter is 9.4mm.
  • The S-Model DAK Kübelwagen wheels have a rim of 5.04mm and a tyre diameter of 9.4mm.
  • The o3D balloon tyres have a rim of 4.56mm and a tyre diameter of 9.4mm.

From top to bottom: S-Model, o3D, MK72.

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