Pz.Kpfw 35S739 (f)

Kit #: PS720136 Review by Philippe Edern
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Pictures above from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.

My first impressions of this kit:

  • The turret size is incorrect. (A replacement might be found at Minitracks)
  • The tracks are ok.
  • The engine deck is not as good as Heller's
  • The handles on the hatches and shackle supports are poorly molded.
  • A nice feature is the PE "SOMUA" plate for the nose.

Note that the main distinguishing feature between a Pz.Kpfw.35S739(f) and a regular Somua S35 is the commander's cupola that was added by the Germans.

The corrections that I have made are the following:

  • The tow hook supports are made from plasticard; the tow hooks came from a Dragon Sherman.
  • 3 lifting hooks were added to the turret, 4 to the hull.
  • The rear hatch was made from plasticard (in the kit this is hidden by stowage).
  • The antenna base is made from aluminum paper and putty. The Germans didn't use the French antenna. This required modifying the coffers on the side.
  • Handles are from an Armory PE set, as they were too big.
  • The muzzle of the gun was hollowed out.
  • The footsteps are made from aluminum sheets.
  • A small strip of plastic was added to the turret hatch.

While the turret is incorrect, I didn't modify it.


Heller on the left, S-Model in the middle, Al.By to the right.

Heller on the left, S-Model in the middle, Al.By to the right.

S-Model on the left, Al.By to the right.

Heller on the left, S-Model in the middle, Al.By to the right.

Heller on the left, S-Model in the middle, Al.By to the right.

S-Model on the left, Heller to the right.

Meanwhile, I have finished the construction of the S-Model kit.

The kit was finished with spare Dragon decals.





Walkaround of the Saumur S35 by Philippe Edern


The mesh is missing from the kit, but not all S35 were fitted with it. I only added the transversal strip.

If you want, you can add the cable to the rear of the headlight.

This needs to be reworked completely. In the kit the tow shackle is molded directly to the hull.

This plate is well done in the kit.

4 holes need to be added around the base of the gun and 2 above.

The vision devices are well done, but the slit needs to be added.

These three rivets are missing. The hole for the hinge of the driver's visor can be drilled out.


The Guichard headlight is correct. It just needs a bit of sanding.



The horn in Saumur seems to be a late type The kit has the early, conical type, which needs to be hollowed out.


The weakest point of the kit is the turret, which has the wrong shape.

The lifting hooks are missing. The hinge for the hatches can be hollowed out.


The hatches need to be sanded to better fit the cupola.


The PE hatches are completely flat. A small strip of plastic needs to be added.


For the German version some coffers need to be left off to be able to fit the antenna base. I cut the parts up to obtain this and added the rod below.


The footstep was added with a strip of aluminum sheet.

This hatch is well done.

This German antenna base is lacking in the kit; only the French antenna is given.

The handles are not well done in the kit.

Two handles to be added.

A hook and a handle to be added. Good luck adding the numbers and letters.


A hole needs to be added for the evacuation of water.


A handle needs to be added.

An axe and pick axe can be found in the kit here.



This hatch is lacking in the kit as S-Model adds some stowage here.

In the kit, the inside of the running gear is hollow.

The kit tracks are well done.

The tow hook is well done, but 4 rivets can be added.


The bolts on the drive sprocket are barely visible on the kit, but the sprocket itself is well done.

The exhausts need to be hollowed out.

The engine deck is a weak area of the kit as it lacks depth.

The base of the exhausts is correct.

The handles on the engine deck are well done, but in the kit this hatch has a slightly different shape.

The kit has a shovel here, but in the German version this was placed on the left side of the hull.

This handle is well done.



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27 February 2017
05 March 2017
22 March 2017

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