Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Ambulance Version

Kit #: PS720093 Preview by - Francesco Giovagnorio

Many Panzer IAs which survived the battlefield ended their honorable career as turretless vehicles in a support role, being used until 1942 at least, as is documented by many photos taken both in western and eastern fronts. From what we can see, these vehicles were used as ammunition carriers: I could find no photographic evidence of a turretless Panzer IA used as an ambulance tank. This is not surprising, since ambulance vehicles require open spaces and large hatches to let wounded soldiers and medical personnel enter and exit the vehicle quickly and comfortably, something a turretless Panzer IA could not guarantee. Therefore, unless some gentle reader can provide proofs of the existence of turretless Panzer IAs used as ambulance, I would advice anyone to build this kit in the ammo carrier version.

If this is a mistake, then I must say S-Model is in good company, since Attack and Master Box Ltd released this version of the Panzer IA too.

The main sprue contains most of the pieces necessary to build the vehicle, and it is the same sprue to be found in the Panzer IA kit; the only difference is the piece you can see in the lower right of the sprue, which represents the two semicircular hatches which close the turret ring. The second sprue contains extra visors (in case you decide to substitute the in-built ones, which I think you should do) and other small pieces. Since the main sprue is the same as the Panzer IA, there are some pieces which can go directly to the spare box.

A small fret contains the lateral additional armor and some very flat tools, and another one the perforated plates to be wrapped around the mufflers.

A small decal sheet contains some German crosses, which were indeed used in the ammunition carrier version, plus some red cross insignia and the stylized bear of the 4th Pz. Div. (does S-Model have any proof that the 4th Pz. Div. ever used turretless Pz.IA ambulances ?)

To sum up, thumbs up for this model from a technical point of view, as the engineering is to S-Model's standard, thumbs down from an historical point of view as there is no evidence that this vehicle ever existed. Better build it in the ammunition carrier version.

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Article Last Updated: 11 February 2015