ISU-152 Detail Set
Kit # 408 Review by Doug Chaltry

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This is a fairly impressive set of etched parts, but unfortunately, the price is impressively high as well. Find it on sale somewhere, and it's quite worth it. The instructions state that this set is designed for the Eastern Express kit. One problem with that, is that Eastern Express never released an ISU-152, unless, perhaps, they released the PST kit in their own box. Regardless, I am assuming that it was designed for the PST kit, because I think this set was marketed prior to the release of the Italeri ISU-152. If any reader knows for sure which kit(s) this set will fit, let us know, and we'll add it here.

As you can see in the scan, it's quite the comprehensive set. The majority of the metal comprises replacement fenders and fuel cans. The fenders are the parts that may tie this detail set to a specific plastic kit. Most other parts could likely be used on both. There are replacement hatches, useful if you want to pose hatches open, as well as engine air intake vents, which are always appreciated in etched parts. There are also tool brackets, fender details, and other smaller parts. The engine vent louvres will definitely look great when replaced, but it will be quite a chore to do so.

A very nice set. I look forward to seeing the other sets this company offers as well.

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Article Last Updated: 29 March 2009