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Tiger II Porsche/Henschel detail set for Revell kit

Kit #: 423 Review by Eddy Nevarez - enevarez(at)earthink(dot)net

My example set contained 4 unassembled metal photo-etched parts sheets labeled A - D. Sheets A, C and D were sealed individually in their own separate plastic bags and placed on top of sheet B, and all enclosed together in a bag with a thick black card sheet to protect them from being bent, along with a single double sided instructions page neatly folded and tucked away on the backside of the black card sheet. The instructions are broken into 7 sections that will guide you in placing almost all of the 127 parts on your (Porsche or Henschel Turret) Revell King Tiger II kit. Sections 4 and 5 are for placement of the rear deck anti-grenade screens over the forward air intakes for either the Porsche or Henschel turret version respectively. Section 5 also gives you the option of placing late war anti-aircraft metal shields over all of the air intakes screen openings. Section 7 mostly deals with parts placement on the Porsche turret but check your reference as many of the parts can also be used for the Henschel turret version.

Sheet A (parts 1 - 39) Sheet B (parts 40 - 64) Sheet C (parts 65 – 102) Sheet D (parts 103 – 127)

This detail set is one of the best photo-etch sets that I have come across in this scale. The parts are nicely detailed with the rear deck screens being some of the finest and thinnest true to scale photo-etched parts that I have seen to date. There are only enough parts to detail one kit with the exception of the rear deck anti-grenade screens.

This metal photo-etch accessory set is currently listed at the Royal Model website catalogue under 'AFV Microdetails 1/72' along with the 7 other sets posted here. The link to the preview and details page for the set previewed here shows that this set contains 5 photo-etch sheets which may be incorrect as the extra sheet labeled 'German Basic Details' (parts A - Z) is for sets 425 and 426 as outlined in their respective parts instructions.

A downloadable PDF file instruction page for each of the 8 detail sets are currently available via the link to view the individual set previews and details at the Royal Model website. The website is mostly in Italian but there is also enough English text to make navigating the site reasonably user friendly. All of the listed sets can be purchased online directly from their website. I found mine on sale online via a heads up at one of the forum modeling sites as these sets are rather pricey but well worth it if you just can't wait, can't find them or can’t find them on sale!

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Article Last Updated: 01 October 2009