Sd.Kfz. 232(fu) (8-rad)

Kit # 704 Review by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

I originally intended to write a full construction review of this kit, but "something went wrong" during the construction process. Humbled by the experience, I will thus limit myself to some comments that might be useful for other modelers. For those that are interested, I gladly refer to Doug Chaltry's preview of the same kit.

The first thing I noticed, was that the manual has some "issues". To start with, the historical summary that Roden gives starts with the title "Sd.Kfz.263". A bit further in the same text the modeler reads "difference was the bow antenna". I am puzzled.

When you build the kit, you might notice that there are two steps that carry the number "5", but no step "7", that part "5F" is not numbered in the instructions and that you are asked to install a Notek light on the rear fenders in a style that I have only seen on the front of German vehicles.

The marking options are the most confusing part of the manual:
Option 1. A vehicle of the Hermann Göring division in 1944, but with Wiking divisional insignia and SS-licence plates at the rear (but WL at the front). In 1944 the vehicle might have been fitted with a Sternantenne instead of the frame antenna.
Option 2. A vehicle of the Wiking division but with WL licence plates (exactly the same as option 1. carries on the nose)
Option 3. A vehicle of the Hermann Göring division.

The nice thing is that spare crosses are included.

Assuming, Roden, just mixed up the licence plates, divisional markings and caption, the modeler still has to take care as the Wiking insignia was probably carried on the right side of the nose (as seen here) and not on the left (as in the instruction). The "sunwheel" was mostly painted onto a black disk, which the decals don't provide.


The plastic that Roden uses is very brittle, doesn't react to MEK and the sprues are covered in some kind of plastic "cobweb", like someone draped it in very fine stretched sprue.

Some other sundry remarks
- The small mudflaps below the mudguards are missing.
- The mesh representation of the exhaust mufflers is poor.
- The lead wire for the antenna needs to be added.
- The turret doesn't turn without some intervention by the modeler.
- I have no idea what the half-spherical parts, numbered 17A, are supposed to represent. My best guess would be steel helmets that the crew stored on the outside.
- Tow hooks need to be added
- The protection cages for the lights and direction indicators on the sides of the hull are very thick. So is the antenna.
- The antenna is a fiddly affair, with seam lines that are difficult to clean up. Part 8C of the antenna is easily installed backwards.
- The "handle" on the front armor might be an alternative position for the front Notek.
- The suspension is nicely detailed but a complex affair. It can be made to articulate partially.
- The boxes on the fenders have no locating pegs.


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21 August 2011
21 January 2018