M.39 Dutch Armored Car

Manufacturer: Retromodels (Kit No. 72502)

This is my first (and only) Retromodels kit, and I am very happy with it. Both the hull and turret are solid, so that hatches are closed, but there is a small opening on the turret roof for the modeler to carve out the interior, and model it with an open hatch. Overall, the detail is very well done, and the molding is acceptable. There is a loss of detail around the wheel hubs, which need to be cleaned up a little bit, but the remainder of the kit is cleanly molded. The main gun is molded onto the turret, and is slightly warped. Careful heating will be needed to bend it back into shape without breaking it.

I have a book by Jean Restayn which shows a very interesting paint scheme to use on this vehicle, which is why I bought the kit. I am developing an interest in early war vehicles, especially non-German subjects, so this model is very appreciated. No decals are included, but I have a nice set from Aleran Decals that will work perfectly.

The instructions are adequate, but not fantastic. First of all, they are written entirely in French, which is not a problem, but the numerous photographs included are photocopies of photocopied photocopies, etc., so they are very poorly reproduced. There are a couple of simple line drawings showing the completed vehicle, which will help in constructing the kit. Good thing it is a simple model, and doesn't need much more than this.

As of right now, I have no other references for this vehicle, so I can't comment on the kit's scale. Assuming that the scale is accurate, if this kit is typical of Retromodels' kits, then I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of them.

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