WW2 Belgian Cyclistes Frontieres

Kit #: R72607 Preview by Marc Mercier - mercier(dot)marc(dot)2(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This set contains three crisply moulded figures of WW2 Belgian “Cyclistes Frontières” and one Belgian purpose build military bike. The soldiers and their uniforms look the part, except for the unit’s special headgear, an oversize royal blue beret. In reality this was almost as flat as a pancake on the side of the head. However, here they are much too round. You can see what the beret should look like here.

Height of the figurines is 25mm or 1 inch which means about 1m80 or 6 feet in reality, so spot on.

The bike is a delicate little kit combining a resin frame (on two sprues) with PE wheels. PE is a good solution for the wheel spokes but the tires themselves will look too flat once assembled. A concise construction sheet is included which does the job.

Some resin parts have a little flash and one or two air bubbles are present, but nothing one cannot correct easily.

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Article Last Updated: 13 July 2012