Ford Tfc Armored Car

Manufacturer: RPM (Kit No. 72100)

This is the one and only kit produced by RPM in 1/72nd scale. I wish they would make more, because it is a very nice model. It certainly is a simple kit, as you can see in the scan, with very few parts. But the level of detail is very good, although based on the box art, there are a large number of rivets on this vehicle, which are unfortunately not represented on the plastic. This would be a good place to try out those Archer Fine Transer rivets.

The assembly diagram is printed on the back of the box, and the painting and markings guide is on the side of the box, in color. Assembly looks very straight-forward. Good looking decals are included for several different vehicles from the Polish army, all with the same paint scheme, I assume.

More from Michal Derela:

The muffler should be attached to the right side of the vehicle, as shown on the cover artwork, not on the left, as the instructions show. Michal has more information about this vehicle at his excellent website.

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