Staghound Mk I "Tulip"

Kit #: 72314 Review by Rob Haelterman

Picture above from Henk of Holland, used with permission.

"Tulip" was the name British troops gave to AFV equipped with 60 lb rocket projectiles (the same as used by RAF Typhoon squadrons). Sherman and Cromwell Tulips are well-known, Staghound Tulips more or less unknown. More about that later.

As Al Magnus has already written an extensive construction review of the very similar Staghound Mk II, I'll limit myself to the kit-specific items.

The sprue below is common to all RPM Staghounds.

Picture above from Henk of Holland, used with permission.


The center of the big sprue below is the same for all RPM Staghounds but the satellite sprues are different for the subvariants. This sprue seems to have the turret of the Mk.II (which carried a 3" howitzer) and the 37mm gun of the Mk.I., on top and to the left of the main sprue respectively. I don't know if this is correct for this vehicle, as very little is to be found about this specific variant. In fact, Osprey Publishing's "Staghound Armored Car 1942–62" states that experiments were inconclusive and production not pursued.
Below the main sprue are the four small sprues for the rocket equipment.

Instructions are multi-step. Unfortunately, parts are not numbered on the sprue, only in the instructions.

As can be seen above, RPM provides a fair bit of interior detail.

Markings and color options are given on the first page of the manual and on the rear of the box. Paint references in the manual are for Agama, those on the back of the box are Humbrol.

There are two marking options; both are for the (Canadian) XII Manitoba Dragoons. Unlike the decals Al got for his Staghound Mk II, these decals are crisp and in register.
What worries me the most is the accuracy of these markings. My Osprey reference leads me to believe that apart from a very few (one ?) prototypes, this vehicle was not built in substantial numbers and not used operationally. In fact, I could only find one picture (on Tanks! website), which I copied below for discussion purposes. The website states that this vehicle belonged to 12th Manitoba Dragoons and was photographed in Hochwald Forest in1945. I guess I'll give RPM the benefit of the doubt.

Picture from Tanks! website, used for discussion purposes.


Review sample purchased by author's wife as a present.

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