76.2mm OQF 17 pounder

RB Kit # 72P11

Preview by Rob Haelterman

The Ordnance Quick-Firing 17pdr was a 76.2 mm gun developed by the United Kingdom during World War II. It was used as an anti-tank gun on its own carriage, as well as equipping a number of British tanks, like the Sherman Firefly or the Centurion, and tank destroyers, like the Archer or Achilles. The Comet used a slightly different gun, with shorter projectiles (from Wikipedia).

This set contains 12 empty brass shells and 9 aluminum (?) projectiles (3 each of 3 types). The latter can be inserted into the hollow shells to make a complete round.

Picture of a real round, taken from Wikimedia.

The shape of the shells matches that of the real shell well, while the projectiles seem to correspond to Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot, Solid Armour Piercing and HE/T Mk.I.

The rounds have a diameter of 74 scale millimeters (corresponding well to the 76.2mm of the real round), while the shells have a length of 579 scale millimeters, while the real round is 583mm. Both measurements are well within my measurement tolerance zone.

Drawing taken from Military Modelling wesbite.



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Article Last Updated: 06 November 2020

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