Panther Correct Wheels
Kit # 9209 Review by Doug Chaltry

Contrary to what it says on Profikit's website, these wheels are appropriate only for early Panther Ds, and not the Panther A. They have the wheel rims added (which are missing on the Revell Panther D/A kit wheels), and the number of rim bolts has been correctly reduced to 16. Only the early Panther D had 16-bolt wheels. Late Ds and all later Panthers had 24 rim bolts (the Revell kit wheels have 20 bolts, which isn't correct for any Panther). So, keeping these facts in mind, these are very nicely molded wheels that will be very beneficial in building an early Panther D.

The set includes only the 8 outermost wheels, 4 per side. The detail and molding are first-rate. There are no flaws that I can see on any of the parts. My only complaint is regarding the small number of wheels that are included in this set. It would have been nice to have the next inner row of wheels replaced as well, since they share the same flaws as the outer wheels (too many bolts, and no wheel rim), and even though they are behind the outer wheels, they are still visible. Also, it would have been great to have one or two "extra" wheels included (without the inner hub) for use as stowage. It was common to see spare wheels stowed on the Panther hulls, and yet modelers are required to cannibalize other kits for spares.

Aside from these minor quibbles, this is an excellent accessory set, and highly beneficial for improving the Revell Panther D.

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Article Last Updated: 7 November 2005