3.7 cm Model 37/P Anti-tank Gun
  Kit # 72001
Review by Stephen Brezinski

This is a beautiful and delicate model of a very unique weapon of the 1930's and WW2 period. Molding is superb with no defects, air bubbles. It is cast in about 11 very thin and delicate resin parts. I say "about" because several of my parts broke off the casting blocks and dissapeared somewhere. These should be scratchbuilt easily though. Highly recommended for the advanced and intermediate builder for a great display model. In my opinion, its delicate nature precludes its use as a wargaming piece.

Kit instructions supplied by Profi Kit are very good. High quality line drawings are also included, as well as extensive history of the gun, all in Czech. Profi Kit makes over a half dozen artillery kits, in 1/48 and 1/35 as well as 1/72 scale. Visit Profi Kit's website to download museum photos they used as references.

This gun was derived in the 1930s by the Czechoslovakian company SKODA in response to improvements in tank designs in Germany, then Czechoslovakia's dangerous neighbour in that period. The gun was developed from its predecessor, 3,7cm KPV vzor 34 (German designation 3.7cm PaK 34(t)). It used the same ammunition but thanks to a longer barrel it had a better performance. The Czechoslovak army received nearly 1000 pieces. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany it served with Wehrmacht [as the 3.7cm Pak 37(t)], Slovakian and the Hungarian armies. Before the war it was also exported to Yugoslavia.

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