German Panzer Division Markings
Kit # 72015 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

This is quite an elaborate set of decals for all numbered Heer Panzer Divisions, all Tiger Abteilungen and a limited number of Waffen-SS divisions. Quality on the sheet looks very good and carrier films thin, with only the Tiger heads of s.Pz.Abt.509 and the 10 Pz.Div. bison slightly out of register. For most units you get more than one style of marking.

Unfortunately, the definite work on German unit markings is still in the waiting, so I will have to limit myself to my old - and not always so trustworthy - Panzer Colors and some internet references.

You get the following:
- 1 Pz.Div.: The oak leaves and the mid-war inverted "Y", each in two sizes
- 2 Pz.Div.: The early dots, the mid-war inverted "Y" with tick and the later trident, each in two sizes. Panzer Colors II tells me that the "Y" was used from 1940 up till 1943, not in 1939-1940 as the sheet tells me.
- 3 Pz.Div.: The lying "E", inverted "Y" with two ticks, and... bears in two colors, each in two sizes. Just as Panzer Colors II, Print Scale attributes this bear to 3.Pz.Div., instead of 4.Pz.Div. which is one of the many goofs in this book. The bear is actually only for the 35 Pz.Rgt. in the 4.Pz.Div.; the white one for 1. Panzer-Kompanie, the red for 2. Panzer-Kompanie. (You don't get any for the Stab or other Kompanieen on this sheer.). They look more convincing than those in the Dragon Pz.IV F1 kit. You get the correct regimental black crest for Pz.Rgt.6 separately, in two sizes.
- 4 Pz.Div.: The early triangular marking, "peace sign" and inverted "Y" with three ticks, each in two sizes. See remark for 3.Pz.Div.
- 5 Pz.Div.: The inverted "Y" with dot, "X", "X" in black box and devil's head, each in two sizes. The devil's head is only for the 31 Pz.Rgt. in the division, and was apparently only used in 1941-42.
- 6 Pz.Div.: The inverted "Y" with two dots, "XX" and axe, each in two sizes.
- 7 Pz.Div.: The inverted "Y" with three dots and the "Y", each in two sizes.
- 8 Pz.Div.: "Y" with dot or tick, each in two sizes.
- 9 Pz.Div.: "Merged Y and inverted Y", "Y" with dots or ticks, each in two sizes.
- 10 Pz.Div.: "Y" with dots or ticks, and bisons, each in two sizes. The bison is only for the 7 Pz.Rgt. in the division.
- 11 Pz.Div.: Halved circle and "ghost", each in two sizes. See remark for "Totenkopf".
- 12 Pz.Div.: "Y" in circle, in two sizes.
- 13 Pz.Div.: "+" in circle, in two sizes.
- 14 Pz.Div.: Odalrune, in two sizes.
- 15 Pz.Div.: Triangular marking in 3 styles and two sizes. You also get the Wolfsangel which is only for the 8 Pz.Rgt. in the division.
- 16 Pz.Div.: Barred "Y", in two sizes.
- 17 Pz.Div.: Double barred "Y", in two sizes.
- 18 Pz.Div.: Triple barred "Y", in two sizes, and the "swimming devil" used on Tauchpanzer in one size.
- 19 Pz.Div.: Wolfsangel, in two sizes.
- 20 Pz.Div.: Lying "E", in two sizes and "arrow-through-bar" in two styles and two sizes. According to Panzer Colors II, the latter appeared in 1942, not 1941 as the sheet mentions.
- 21 Pz.Div.: Dashed "D", in two sizes and two styles.
- 22 Pz.Div.: Double barred arrow, in two sizes.
- 23 Pz.Div.: Barred arrow and Eifel Tower, in two sizes.
- 24 Pz.Div.: Leaping rider, in two sizes, two colors in both elaborate and simplified form. Just for the record, this is the Panzer Division that used yellow as Waffenfarbe, due to its origins as a cavalry unit, which is reflected in the divisional insignia.
- 25 Pz.Div.: Crest and stars, in two sizes and two styles.
- 26 Pz.Div.: Grenadier's head, in two sizes .
- 27 Pz.Div.: Triple barred arrow, in two sizes.
- 116 Pz.Div.: Windhund, in two sizes.
- 130 Pz.Div. (Pz.Lehr): "L", in two styles and two sizes, "L" in or below Panzer rhomboid, both in two sizes. (These are clearly based on Panzer Colors II). You get the barred square for II Bttn. separately, in two sizes, but it is not mentioned as such.
- Grossdeutschland: Steel helmet in 6 styles/sizes, both facing left and right.
- s.Pz.Abt.501: Crouching tiger (no hidden dragon), two colors.
- s.Pz.Abt.502: Mammut, two sizes and colors. The large ones are actually very large.
- s.Pz.Abt.503: Tiger's head. I am not sure about the circle around it.
- s.Pz.Abt.504: I've never known what this insignia represents, but it looks like the one in Panzer Colors III. The white rhomboids with red stripes that are provided separately (without explanation) are probably also for this Abteilung.
- s.Pz.Abt.505: Charging knight. Three colors (I guess linked to the Company).
- s.Pz.Abt.506: "Swiss cross". Two sizes and styles.
- s.Pz.Abt.507: Blacksmith.
- s.Pz.Abt.508: Bison.
- s.Pz.Abt.508: Tiger's head.
- "Totenkopf" (Waffen SS): Death's head and two styles of Kursk markings, in only one size. While this agrees with Panzer Colors III, one of my references (by Christian Ankerstjerne) says that the three bars with an underline are actually for 11 Pz.Div. at Kursk.
- "Das Reich" (Waffen SS): Wolfsangel and Kursk marking. One size only.
- "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Gitler" [sic] (Waffen SS, and yes, that "G" should be an "H"): Three styles (one size) of "key in shield" with oak leaves and Kursk marking (inverted "T"). While this agrees with Panzer Colors III, two of my references (one by Christian Ankerstjerne and another a Russian one of which I only have copies of some pages) say that this marking was actually for 7 Pz.Div., which is also how Decal Details sees it.
- DAK palms (with Swastika) in three styles, each in black or white.

This leaves one unidentified insignia on the sheet, which vaguely resembles a knight but is not explained.

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Article Last Updated: 27 February 2010