KV-220 "Russian Tiger" and KV-220-2 (76mm)

Conversion Kit #72059 and 72061 Preview by Kevin Liang
Edited by
Rob Haelterman

The KV-220 was an experimental heavy tank made in 1940. Unfortunately Germany got to Leningrad before it was able to finish trials. The prototypes were destroyed in battle in December 1941.
There were two versions of the KV-220, the first uses a new uparmoured turret, with 85mm F-30 gun. The second, KV-220-2, uses a 76mm gun, on a regular KV-1 turret.
Compared to the KV's hull, the KV-220 had a lengthend hull+running gear, and stronger armour.

The kit comes in a variety of colours, depending on where you purchased your kit. So far I have seen black, grey, clouded white, green, etc. It seems like PST can't make up their mind. In any case, parts are well cast, since PST uses steel moulds, as opposed to ACE's short run technology. There is minor flash, but this is easy to clean.

Most of the sprues are from the regular KV-1 kit series.

This sprue contains most of the running gear parts. The hull sides and lower hull parts are for the KV-1, without upper hull, they cannot be used. (Ed. Note: it seems that in some kits these (and the turret) are included.)

Since this sprue is from the KV-1, consequently the roadwheels still suffer from misalignment. But these wheels aren't bad otherwise.

This is the new sprue, with the new turret/hull parts. There are also additional roadwheels here.
The KV-220-2 sprue lacks turret parts.

Tracks are hard plastic link and length. They are quite detailed.

Miscellaneous sprue containing gun mantlet+various accessories.

Since the KV-220-2 uses a KV-1 turret, it includes this sprue from the KV-1 kit.

The KV-220 has no decals, but the KV-220-2 has one option.

Conclusion: The kit still has fault from the KV-1 kit, but it is a well done kit. The extra parts are welcome additions to the spares bin. Shame PST did not include KV-1's upper hull, as then you can make virtually any KV-1/220 variant. Highly recommended.

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Article Last Updated: 31 December 2012