Tracks for KV and IS Tanks
Review by Doug Chaltry - 21 November 2004 Kit # A003

This is an easy review. This set, which was only recently released, is simply a single sprue of styrene plastic link & length tracks for the KV, IS and ISU series of tanks. These are the same tracks that are included in all the PST kits, and can be used as replacement tracks for the Roden IS-3, the ESCI KV-1, and other resin kits and conversions. I consider these tracks to be pretty decent, though not as fine as the newest tracks by Revell, UM, etc. The detail on the inner surfaces in particular is very nice, but the individual link detail on the outer surfaces is overly simplified. However, the track that is most visible on the completed models is the portion wrapping around the idler and sprocket wheels, and these are constructed with individual links, which look much better than the single-piece lengths pictured below. So all in all, these tracks do look very good on a completed model.

As an aside, I think it is a great idea for a manufacturer to release small upgrade sets such as this one. If they have an item in their kits that is superior to others in the marketplace, it would behoove them to do as PST has done here, and make those items available separately. I can easily think of a dozen examples of wheels and tracks in particular, from a variety of manufactuers, that would be warmly welcomed by modelers if they would be sold separate.

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