KV-85/KV-122 Photoetched Brass

Manufacturer: PART (# 72029)

This set is composed of, I think, 308 parts, which include:

No need to spend the time. You can see for yourself what this awesome set includes. It's unfortunate that PST did not add as much detail to their KV hulls as ESCI did with their KV-1c, because a large number of parts in this brass set are simply additional details such as rivets and brackets, which ESCI molded onto their kit hull. Before PART released this, and other KV sets, I had mixed feelings about which company's kit hull I liked better, PST's or ESCI's. But now that this brass is available to bring PST's kit up to the ESCI standards, there's no reason to hang on to those old ESCI kits.

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