IS-2 Photoetched Brass

Manufacturer: PART (# 72009)

This set is composed of almost 300 parts, which seems to be typical of PART photoetched sets. Use of this set will substantially increase the construction time of your IS-2 model, but will also increase its appeal tremendously. Some of the parts include:

The instructions for the set are fairly decent, and even include a nice little set of four-view drawings. Some of the parts I personally would not use, such as the pioneer tools (except the shovel blade) and the hand holds. I prefer round wire for the hand holds, and 3-dimensional tools. The engine deck grates will improve the look of the final model significantly, but look like they will take a bit of work, as well as some major surgery to the kit. I plan on building the brass replacement grates before actually cutting apart my model, on the chance that I can't get the brass parts to look right. This set is designed for the PST kit, and I highly recommend it. Note that the fret containing the fuel drums is also included in the PART ISU detail sets.

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