Panzer IV Side Skirts

Manufacturer: PART (# 72020)

The set is labeled as being for the Hasegawa kit, but in reality, I think that more Ausf. J's has the mesh skirts than the Ausf. H. So this set probably can be used for almost any of the late version Pz. IV kits. PART makes several sets of Pz. IV side skirts. There are two sets of solid metal skirts, one simply labeled "Pz. IV" for the Revell Ausf. H kit, and the other is labeled "Pz. IV Ausf. G" for the Hasegawa kit. They have also recently released another set of mesh skirts for the Revell Ausf. J kit. That set is similar to this one, but with more parts, including turret skirts.

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