Sd.Kfz.7/2 Armored Cab

Kit #: P72-018 Preview by Josť MarŪa Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com

An extense set that includes:

  • armored cab with separate roof hatches
  • cab interior details -new cargo bed and walls
  • new gun mount, shield and details
  • pionner tools
  • license plates
  • radiator armored shield
  • chassis details
  • acetate with gauges for the dashboard
Detail is plentiful, the only thing I didnít like much were the mesh side walls because they are flat, lacking the simulated intermesh texture featured on some other sets by Part (e.g. P72064 - Panzer IV Ausf. J Side Skirts). To add the rivet detail on the armored plates it is necessary to puncture the PE from the opposite side on recessed spots.

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Article Last Updated: 22 September 2009