PE set for

Light tank T-70 M


Kit #: P72-155 Preview by Jose Maria Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

As in most of their kits, if not in all, UM includes a small photo etch fret in their T-70M kit, but this fails to address some of the plain features of the plastic pieces, most notably the radiator and engines air intakes and the fenders. Part produced this PE set to replaces these pieces, but also contains many other tiny details to enhance this little tank.

It would also be useful for the UMs T-80 and T-90 models, which are variants of the T-70 and share the hull with it.

The set consist of 2 PE frets, one smaller and thinner for the grilles... ---...------
... and another, ticker and much larger, for the rest of the pieces.


Preview sample purchased by the author.

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 14 July 2015