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Kubelwagen Radio Car Conversion Set

Kit #: 72-006 Preview by By Stephen 'Tank Whisperer' Brezinski - stephen(dot)g(dot)brezinski(at)maine(dot)gov
Edited by Al Magnus

This etched brass detail set review covers and etched brass Radio Car conversion for a 1/72 scale German Volkswagen Kubelwagen. No actual model kit is included and there is no specification on any one 1/72 scale kit it is designed for, so I assume it can be used with the Academy, Italeri, or Hasegawa kits, or other 1/72 scale Volkswagen Kübels. Keep in mind that "Kübelwagen" is a German term translating to bucket-car and was used for a number of small military autos by many German manufacturers. This set is designed for the common middle and late war Volkswagen Type 82 Kübelwagen.


At left is a scan of the etched brass fret, measuring 4 x 6 cm in size and having about 33 parts. Etching quality and detail appears excellent.

The fret contains parts for a German military radio car with parts for a receiver and transmitter (parts 11, 12, 23 & 27 etc.), rear deck map bar, headset, and antenna mount (part 25) and a mounting cabinet (part 8). (This radio equipment can also be used to detail Axis radio trucks and schutzenpanzerwagens.)

This fret does not contain many "basic" Kubelwagen upgrade parts such as steering wheel, brake and gearshift levers, new dashboard, floor pedals, nor windshield wipers, etc. These are important parts you may need from another detail set.

Basic vehicle parts it does include are: rifle brackets (parts 1) Jerry can handles (parts 5), Jerry can rack (part 2), headlight covers (parts3), and license plates (parts 7 & 24), etc.


o3d's instructions show a plan of the parts at upper left and two views of a partially assembled plastic Kubelwagen kit, I think a 1/72 scale Academy kit, with the etched brass parts assembled and attached. At upper right is a photo of one of the small radios with all the parts numbered.

Despite the quality of the photos and that these instructions are better than many aftermarket kit instructions, I think some line drawings with better break down of parts would help.

The parts can be assembled with cyanoacrylate (Super) glue, epoxy, or with white glue where strength is not critical.

Without assembling the parts I cannot say anything about fit of the parts, but based on examination it appears to be a superbly done small scale detail set for an interesting vehicle, something to set it apart from others on the display shelf or contest table.

Oddly there is no mailing address for o3d Miniatures company on the packaging, and not even mention of the nation of origin for this product, just an internet website address.

Review sample provided by Sonny Sy of o3d miniatures.

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Article Last Updated: 21 September 2012