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Jeep Super Detail Set

Kit #: 72-003 Preview by By Stephen 'Tank Whisperer' Brezinski - stephen(dot)g(dot)brezinski(at)maine(dot)gov
Edited by Al Magnus

This review covers an etched brass detailing set for the WW2 and Korea period ¼ ton truck (a.k.a. Jeep) produced by the United States and used by all of the Allied forces and captured and used by Axis forces as well. No actual Jeep kit is included, just brass detail parts. At this time o3d is a new company to me but their work is impressive.

After examining the instructions it appears to me that this set is designed for any 1/72 scale Jeep such as from Hasegawa, Airfix/Heller, or from Academy (the Dragon Jeep I have heard is closer to 1/76 scale so this brass detail set may not fit this kit). o3d makes separate brass detailing sets for the Academy Jeep (set 72-001) and for the Airfix Jeep (set 72-002) that compliment this set.

o3d has an interesting approach to assembly instructions that has its plusses and minuses. Rather than exploded-view line drawings they use multiple black and white photos with numbers corresponding to the parts on the brass fret.


At left is a list of all the parts with names in English. This is great! From looking at part 8 I never would have known it is a rifle cover! I wish all manufacturers would do this on their instructions. Despite the quality of the instructions, there are so many parts and the photos so small, that some line drawings would have been helpful. Good reference photos will be needed to get assembly correct.

This brass detail set appears to allow us to detail either a Jeep with a pedestal mounted machine gun, or a radio mounted in the rear seating area. If you build the radio Jeep the machine gun parts are available for detailing something else, like a Sherman, truck or halftrack, etc.

The fret has some of what I would call basic Jeep parts such as parts for a US Jerry can (parts 15, 30 & 37), the canvas roof rails (part 1), hand tools (parts 12, & 14), windshield wipers (part 4) and rear bumpers (parts 47). There is no steering wheel that likely is in the basic brass fret 72-001 or 72-002. There are brake and clutch pedals but no brake and gearshift levers.

The fret contains specialized parts which likely gives it the moniker "Super Detail Set": a radio (parts 2, 3, 11 & 21), a bumper mounted cable cutter (parts 6 & 45), and seven or more 50-caliber machine gun parts.

At left is a scan of the etched brass set about 4 x 7 cm in size. There are about 70 parts in all, many very tiny. Etching quality and detail appears excellent.

The parts can be assembled with cyanoacrylate (Super) glue, epoxy, or with white glue where strength is not critical.

Because of the number of small parts and complexity I recommend this set for intermediate and advanced modelers. Beginner modelers should learn to work with brass details on a less complicated set or a 1/35 scale model.

Other o3d detail sets for 1/72 scale Jeeps at this time include a Jeep Ambulance Conversion set, and a snow chain and storage rack set.

Oddly there is no mailing address for o3d company on the packaging, and not even mention of the country this item was made in, just an internet website.

Review sample provided by Sonny Sy of o3d miniatures.

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Article Last Updated: 19 September 2012