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1/72 Jeep Snow Chain and Storage Rack set

Kit #: 72-005 Review by - Al Magnus

The package contains a small fret measuring 70mm x 42mm and a small instruction sheet. The instructions are quite well laid out showing the part locations on the fret, a picture of a built jeep with the parts installed on it and built examples of the reels and ammo box.

The parts list with their associated number is as follows:

  1. Rear storage rack (1 piece)
  2. Large Cable Reel Tube (2 pieces to make 2 reels)
  3. Large Cable Reel End Cap (4 pieces to make 2 reels)
  4. Snow Chains for Tire Inner Face (4 pieces, one for each tire)
  5. Small Cable Reel End Cap (4 pieces to make 2 reels)
  6. Small Bottles (4 pieces)
  7. Snow Chain for Tire Outer Face (4 parts, one for each wheel)
  8. Stowage Straps (4 pieces)
  9. .30cal Ammo Box (1 piece)
  10. Spare Chain links (2 pieces)

From the picture in the instructions it appears that the set is primarily intended for use on the newer Airfix/Heller kit, but I'd venture to say that the parts could be adapted to the Hasegawa and Academy versions as well (but don't forget to correct the grilles on these kits if you're adding this set for extra detail!).

The modeller will need to supply two short sections of rod/tube between the end caps of the small reels. The instructions provide the length to use but do not indicate the diameter.

All of the parts are well done and should be extremely useful. The tire chains are exquisite and I particularly like the stowage straps. The only questionable inclusion is the set of 4 small bottles (part 6). Just like photo-etched tools found on many detail sets, these are very two dimensional and not really useable. Maybe they can be put to use as something else, possibly small paddles for oars? Their location on the fret makes me think they were added as an after thought, possibly because they had the room and wanted to put something there!

Overall, this is a very nice set of photo-etched brass with which to deck out your Jeep kit.

Review sample provided by Sonny Sy of Orange 3D Miniatures.

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Article Last Updated: 22 August 2012