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Jeep Photoetch Upgrade

Kit #: 72-002 Preview by Al Magnus - one72guy(at)
Edited by Al Magnus

Parts list as found on the back:

  • .50cal ammo belt
  • .30cal ammo belt
  • replacement dashboard with raised bezels for the instruments
  • replacement front grille and radiator
  • two replacement rear bumpers
  • replacement steering wheel
  • six hood latches
  • two blackout light guards
  • six jerry can caps
  • six jerry can handles
  • two side view mirrors

The hood latches are quite small and will need a deft touch so as to not lose them to the "carpet monster". I'm not too sure that the steering wheel is much of an improvement as it is quite two dimensional and flat looking. In my opinion, it would have been better to have the steering wheel replaced with some etched pieces for a .30cal gun bracket, tire chains, or both. The two ammo belts look nice and give you the option of either mounting a .30cal or .50cal gun while the remaining belt can be used on another model. As for the jerry can parts (handles and caps), I'd suggest that the rather poor Airfix cans be replaced with better ones so as to get the best value from the O3D parts. There are two light guards, and depending upon which of the many Jeep varieties and modifications you choose to model, you may have a spare guard or two for other jeeps.

Contents lists two side mirrors but what you actually get is one mirror with two contruction options. The first option uses parts 11 & 12, or the modeller can go with a simplified approach and just use part 10 on its own.

Of particularly interest is the two piece grille and radiator. Having them as separate parts should make modifying the front grille rather painless for those modellers wanting to modify their jeep to have sections of the grille slats removed to improve cooling or even bend them a bit to simulate damage. I measured the O3D grille back to back with the stock Airfix grille and its dimensions were identical, so fit should not be a problem.

This is a very intriguing photo-etch set to upgrade the Airfix Jeep. Even though the Airfix Jeep is a nice kit in its own right, this set looks like it will improve on the base kit quite nicely.

Review sample provided by Sonny Sy of Orange 3D Miniatures.

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Article Last Updated: 10 February 2011