NH Detail

Kfz.14 "Funkkraftwagen"
Kit # 72-008 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

This PE set is meant to enhance the RPM kit for the Adler Kfz.14 (which is kit 72313 and not 72312 as the manual in this set says).

The material is a dark grey matt metal, which I first assumed was some kind of steel. Later I noticed some scratches on these parts which showed the familiar brass color, so I assume these parts are just pre-primed, which is a very nice practice !
These parts have very nice detail and have a convincing 3D look. They are for details like lids, steering wheel, radio faces, headlights but also major body parts, like the radiator assembly and the complete antenna frame assembly. See the scan of the manual, which is very clear by the way, for more details.
You also get some clear acetate, which is very thoughtful, for the dashboard and radio displays.

As I don't have the RPM kit (yet), I believe I will try it on the ACE kit of the same vehicle.


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Article Last Updated: 06 February 2010