T-34/76 Model 1943 Beutepanzer conversion set

Kit # 7268

Preview by Tony 'Panzer 46' Ivey - panzer1946(at)msn.com
Edited by Rob Haelterman


Material: Resin and Metal  

Quality: All pieces are cast well  

Parts: Resin (19 pieces) and Metal (17 pieces)  

Instructions: Good diagrams of the turret, hull top and front with part numbers and arrows for placement. Also, the instructions give a listing of all the parts supplied and a brief history of the T-34/76 in German use.  

Packaging: Ziplock plastic bag with a header. Smaller parts kept in a separate bag.  

Additional: Conversion is designed for the Revell T-34/85 kit.



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Article Last Updated: 01 September 2009