Sherman M4A2 Intermediate USMC

Manufacturer: MR Models (kit #7231)

by Dave Showell

As far as I know, it is the only version of the early (56 degree, small hatch) diesel engine Sherman currently available in small scale. As with most MR Sherman kits, this is technically a conversion kit for the ESCI/Italeri M4A1 late, since you need the bogey trucks, lower chassis and a few other sundry parts from that plastic kit. There are fourteen mouldings (approximately 30 parts) in beige resin and a separate bag of 10 white metal parts. The barrel, which is very nice, seems to be turned aluminum with the business end already drilled out. No decals are included.

The MR kit is, as usual, beautifully moulded with excellent detail in every respect. As has been pointed out with other kits by this manufacturer, however, there are a few air bubbles which detract slightly from the overall excellence of the model. Let me be clear – these bubbles are NOT a big deal, just a few shallow one here and there. They are nothing like some of the contour destroying honey-combing you get with some resin kits. There are just a few tiny bubble holes around the base of the turret and on the rear plate of the hull, all of which can be easily filled with a small drop of CA glue.

I assume from the specific designation (Intermediate - United States Marine Corps) which MR Models has given this kit that they have based it on a specific vehicle or group of vehicles. I have not yet managed to find a source for this exact type of vehicle in Marine use. Here are the specifics:

That minor quibble aside, this is a fantastic kit of an unusual Sherman subject. I plan to do mine as a Canadian or Polish version rather than as a USMC one.

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