Sherman Firefly IC Hybrid

Manufacturer: MR Models (Kit MR-7222)

by Dave Showell

Yet another outstanding Sherman kit by MR Models, this time of the composite hull (cast front, welded rear) M4 version which were converted to take the 17 pounder. The Canadians, South Africans and Poles used this version (as well, of course, as the British) and there is ample photographic evidence of them in service. The MR kit is very well cast, with only a bit of flash and a few air bubbles to fill. Unlike the Sherman VC version which Doug has previewed, this vehicle used the Wright R-957-C1 nine cylinder radial engine (the VC  had the Chrysler A-57 - five six-cylinder engines bodged up together). As a result, it uses the hull of the Italieri/ESCI M4A1 and is slightly cheaper than the M4A4 variants. Canadian units that used the IC include the South Alberta Regiment and the 8th Princess Louise's (New Brunswick) Hussars (sometimes mis-identified as a Sherman IIC, a variant for which no evidence has been found).

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