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Supplies and Equipment Under Tarpaulin No. 1

Kit #: MR72-118 Preview by Dave Lodge - janddrtw(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This accessory set from MR Modellbau consists of two cargo loads for supply vehicles though they could also be used as free standing elements in a diorama or vignette. The set comes in a simple plastic bag with card backing that doesn’t help in keeping the contents safe and secure and it’s worth transferring it to a more robust container if storage for a prolonged period is envisaged.

As I have found with most MR model kits I have purchased the resin moulding is generally superb with plenty of crisp detail, minimal flash and no casting air bubble holes. There were a few locations where small bits of detail were missing, e.g. edge of a fuel barrel, but I’m not sure if this was due to the casting process or the lack of protection from the packaging. The base of each load does contain a significant 3mm thick moulding plug across the whole base which, depending on how the item will be used, may have to be sanded down.

Unmodified, the smaller of the two pieces measures 48(L)x28(W)x21(H) mm and would be suitable for a medium sized truck or half-track. I checked its fit in a Hobby Master prebuilt Opel Blitz truck and with a small amount of filing of the base the fit is perfect. The larger load measures 61(L)x31(W)x26(H) mm and would be suitable for a large truck or half-track, e.g. SdKfz. 9 Famo, though I havenít checked its fit in such a model.

I believe that both loads are probably intended for German WWII vehicles since in the smaller load one can make out a German 10-tonne lifting jack and in both loads the wooden ammunition crates, fuel barrels and jerry cans also appear to be of German origin. That’s not to say these could not be used with Allied vehicles since a small amount of modification by the addition of the odd piece of allied equipment could hide certain items. These two items can be painted straight out of the box and should look very striking when finished.

In summary, the kit is an excellently moulded accessory that can be used straight out of the box to provide more interest to any medium or large sized WWII cargo vehicle.

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Article Last Updated: 21 October 2012