Zusatzpanzerung StuG III

Kit # MT72075 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This is a simple set that allows a modeler to modify a Revell StuG III (aka StuG 40) to a configuration seen at the end of the war, i.e. with extra concrete armor over the front superstructure and wooden logs on the side. What the name of the set doesn't tell you is that you also get a number of boxes to fit to the engine deck. As there is no instruction manual and only a picture of a StuG (seen from the front) on the packaging, the modeler is left to figure this out for him/herself.
As few (none ?) of the StuGs fitted with log armor had Schürzen, the return rollers of the Revell kit will remain visible, and these are of the incorrect early type. It would have been nice if Modell Trans had given us steel return rollers as this would have made this set much more useful.

While the Germans fitted a number of their StuGs with concrete armor, the logs are a bit more rare.
The logs and boxes are, however commonly seen on Finnish Sturmi, which carried the concrete armor less often.
A modeler might thus be tempted to split the set in two and use the concrete on a German StuG and the remainder on a Finnish Sturmi.
(For information about the Sturmi, I refer to the great site by Andreas Larka.)

An interesting feature of this set is also that it has the driver's visor integrally cast with the concrete. This means that the original Revell visor will be left over, which might be useful on a Dragon StuG, as these kits have the visor only in the closed position, while that of the Revell kit is open.

The set is finely cast, but very thin in places and a test fit showed that it fit the Revell kit reasonably well, but without much trouble it will also go on a Dragon or Trumpeter StuG. Then again, making the concrete armor from scratch is not an insurmountable task for most modelers, I guess.


Review sample kindly purchased by author.

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Article Last Updated: 09 August 2014

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