Polish Cavalry 1936-39
Kit # MT72907 Preview by Rob Haelterman

The Polish military is woefully underrepresented in our scale (and I guess in other scales too), so this set comes as a welcome surprise. The set offers two cavalry riders on their steeds, slowly moving ahead. I am very far from knowledgeable when it comes to the Polish cavalry units, so please forgive my rather shallow description, but the soldiers are equipped with a bread bag, map holder and (as separate parts) a canteen, a collapsable bucket for the horse, spade with bayonet and rifles.
As you can see from the picture, you get five arms, which, after having given it some thought, I found odd (even after having read the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy") until I realized that the fifth arm is an optional one meant to hold a lance. You get the pennant, but not the shaft, so that will have to be scratchbuilt; easy enough, I guess. Historically, this lance was not used in combat during WW2, but only on parade duties, whatever myths tell you. The heads are separate parts and wear the typical Adrian helmet.

As you can also see in the pictures, the shaft of one of the spades was broken and lost to the carpet monster. Replacing that with some sprue will not be too big a challenge.

Painting and correctly adding all the equipment will require some careful study on my part, but I already discovered that you can't just go and paint the horses in a random fashion as they were prescribed as follows:
- most cavalry troops had bay, gold-bay, brown or chestnut;
- artillery had gray, brown, black;
- trumpeters and engineers had gray.






Sample kindly provided by Modell Trans.


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Article Last Updated: 01 April 2012