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E.100 Ausf.B

Kit #: MT 72340 Preview by Dave Lodge - janddrtw(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This conversion of the Dragon Armor E-100 super heavy tank (kit no. 7256) converts the tank from the Krupp turret of the Ausf. A (fielding a 150mm gun) into an Ausf. B with an alternative turret shape and sporting the 12.8cm PaK 44 L/55 used on the Jagdtiger. Since neither version was ever finished this kit belongs firmly in the Panzerwaffe '46 section of any German amour modellers collection.

The Modeltrans offering comes in a simple plastic bag with card backing that doesn't help in keeping the contents safe and secure and it's worth transferring it to a more robust container if storage for a prolonged period is envisaged. Sad to say one of the four lifting lugs on the turret roof was missing on my copy due to this.

The kit is a very straightforward affair consisting of the turret and two sprues, one containing the barrel, cradle extension and gunner's sight head (??) and the other containing the commander's cupola hatch. Since I have no references the item I believe to be a sight head may not indeed be such though it is clear where it mounts, in front of the commander's cupola where on the E-100 Ausf. A turret a sight does exist.

The kit parts are generally moulded well with crisp detail, a small amount of flash and only a few air bubble holes, most evident on the turret rear, which will need filling. The turret base contains a significant moulding plug but should prove no problem to remove.


Having no references in which to check the size I can only say the turret looks right and a quick fit check with the Dragon upper hull confirms the turret ring diameter is a good fit, though it is absent of any retaining lugs that would permit it to rotate and remain in place on the hull.

Whilst the barrel is a reasonable attempt at moulding in resin it does not contain any metal rod stiffener and may over time either warp or with heavy handling snap so a replacement turned aluminium barrel is probably going to be a necessary addition.

The turret is moulded in solid resin and is therefore quite weighty. Grab handles moulded on the loaders hatch and rear escape hatch are much simplified and one might consider replacing. Whilst the card backing artwork shows the turret with additional track link stowage there is none present, which would have been a nice addition.

The turret roof has various paraphernalia similar to a late Tiger II turret it is supposed to be based on. Unfortunately only the commander's hatch comes as a separate part with the loader's hatch being cast with the turret. At first sight there appears to be an error in the orientation of the commander's cupola to the main axis of the turret when compared with the Tiger II resulting in none of the seven optic sights pointing directly forward in line with the axis of the gun. However, the different cupola orientation may be intentional since the separate gunner's sight head, mentioned earlier, would obscure the view from any forward pointing vision block.

In summary, the kit is a well moulded, reasonably detailed example. An out-of-the-box build will still provide an interesting alternative E-100 configuration, though additional effort to improve on existing features or add additional detail would not go amiss.

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Article Last Updated: 23 October 2012