BM-21 Grad Rocket Volley System

Manufacturer: Modelism (Kit No. MV 7201)

This is the first kit from the newcomer Modelism.

As you can see from the photo, the kit is very complete, with rubber tires, clear plastic windshield, and decals. Unfortunately, I am not terribly impressed with the kit. The vehicle parts are not very well detailed at all. The molding is very good, with no flash or sinkmarks, but the lack of detail make this kit begging for superdetailers to go crazy with it. I'm not real keen on rubber tires either, which make this kit look rather toy-like. The clear windshield is very thick and distorted. It needs to be thinned and polished, which should be easy considering the flat shape of it. The decals are comprehensive, and look to be very thin, flat and well printed.

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