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Canal Defense Light

Kit : # 729001

Review by Henk Timmerman HenkofHolland
edited by Marc Mercier

The M3 Medium Tank with welded hull in combination with the CDL (Canal Defense Light) turret is another variant of the M3 Medium tank.

The lower hull and suspension sprues in the box are identical to all other released variants with the welded upper hull. The only difference being the new CDL turret, which is well done. However, for some unknown reason, this kit is packed in a much bigger box then the standard "Mirage" format.

The Mirage M3 medium tank itself has already been reviewed many times, so I will refer for more information and/or comments, to these pages :

Kit 72801 M3 General Lee : http://www.onthewaymodels.com/reviews/Mirage/M3Leeprev.htm

Kit 72802 Medium Tank LEE MK-I – by Stephen Brezinski : http://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/Stephen_B_Soviet_Lee/SBrez_Soviet_Lee_article.htm

Kit 72804 GRANT Mk I , EL ALAMEIN : http://www.onthewaymodels.com/reviews/Mirage/GrantMk1prev.htm

Kit 72805 COMMAND TANK GRANT Mk I (Including a comparison between the Hasegawa and Mirage M3) : http://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/SBrezinski_Modeling_the_M3_Grant.htm

Kit 72806 M3 "Kursk 1943" (Including a comparison between the Hasegawa and Mirage M3) : http://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/Stephen_B_Soviet_Lee/SBrez_Soviet_Lee_article.htm

Kit 729001 M3 "General Grant CDL" by Volker Helms (in German) : http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Mirage/Mirage_M3_General_Grant/Mirage_M3_General_Grant.html

Kit 729001 Construction of the M3 "General Grant CDL" by Calum Melrose : https://www.flickr.com/photos/calummelrose/sets/72157651327434811/

For other (later) variants of the M3 Medium tank visit : http://henk.fox3000.com/Sher.htm





Preview sample provided by Mirage

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Article Last Updated: 08 October 2016