7Tp Light Tank Detail Sets
Kit # 72601 & 72602 Preview by Doug Chaltry
Shortly after releasing their awesome 7Tp Light Tank kits, Mirage released these complimentary etched brass detail sets. Designed specifically for the Mirage kits, many of the parts may also be used with the Modelkrak 7Tp kits as well. I think this is a clear case of where the original kits really do not need any extra detailing, but these brass sets show just how much more detail can be added, if the modeler so wishes.

These sets are sold individually, and are not included in the 7Tp kits.

Set #72601 for the 7Tp Single Turret kit:

Set #72602 for the 7Tp Dual Turret kit:

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Article Last Updated: 3 November 2003