Citroen Kegresse P28

Kit # MTK FR72001

Preview by Miro Baric - baricz(at)
Edited by Rob Haelterman

This is the first kit produced by the publisher of Minitracks magazine. The kit is released in limited edition and it is available only to subscribers of the magazine.
The real vehicle was built in the early 30's. Fifty halftracks were delivered to the French army. Before WWII they served for training, but some of them were put into action against the German army in 1940. Three or four P28 halftracks were bought by Uruguay. It became the very first armoured vehicle in this South American country.

This kit is well packed in a sturdy box. Inside you find one of the tiniest AFV's you can imagine. The length of the hull without front roller is barely 5 centimeters; width without suspension is only 1 centimeter! Even for a kit that small, it is made from more than 40 parts. All of them are cast without flaws. Rivets and other surface details are crisp. The turret has an open hatch.
Most of the parts go to the hull details. Suspension is relatively simple. Track parts are made only from two pieces per side, which make assembly a lot easier.

Decals are provided for two vehicles. Instructions are elaborate, but no color schemes are provided. Instead, there are photos of real machines and a description of markings in the text.
As you can see, there is a raster on the decals. But the picture is grossly magnified. I don´t know, how much it will be visible in real scale. For example: the symbol of a rider in a white circle has 3 mm in diameter.


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Article Last Updated: 15 September 2009